Blogging That Gets Results – It’s All About Niche

Blogging That Gets Results – It’s All About Niche

This series aims to provide you with some great ideas for starting your own business or side hustle. I don’t think there’s anything like making a living using your skills and getting paid. Learn Blogging That Gets Results – It’s All About Niche.

Blogging That Gets Results - It's All About Niche
Blogging That Gets Results – It’s All About Niche

Even though many still consider blogging new, professional blogging has advanced rapidly in recent years. You can earn good money passively through this method. Sports, fashion, and news hire professional bloggers. Technology companies hire, so you don’t need to wait until you’re an expert to start your blog. Then there are the bloggers that companies hire and those who create and maintain blogs from home to make a part-time or full-time living. My membership in “The Niche Blogger” helped me get my blog to where it is today.”

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This membership site takes blogging to the next level by making it easier and easy to do. I also loved Amy Bass’ story about paying off her $70K debt in 18 months.

The following are my tips for becoming a pro-blogger and for quitting procrastination:

  • You can choose a topic you have experience in or have lively conversations with friends about relationships, fashion, beauty, sex, style, celebrity gossip, etc. College students should consider blogging about their major. You might also consider blogging about the latest news and shifts in Economics, perhaps an interview here and there with some experts in your field. Furthermore, you can send a link to potential employers and demonstrate your business acumen. Nowadays, it would help if you thought outside of the box.
  • You migYou might not have the time to promote your product, so consider being an Affiliate and promoting other people’s products.
  • Start your blog by creating a mailing list through Feedburner, Aweber, or Feedblitz. I’ve used them all but prefer Aweber. Put it into such a way that people need to sign up before you can give them more information like a free giveaway. Communicating with your list helps you build relationships with your readers.
  • It’s good to have other expert bloggers write about topics you’re not knowledgeable about. For instance, if you’re a fashion blogger but know nothing about sewing, you can have a guest blogger write a post.
  • When starting, it can be helpful to subscribe to professional blogs and newspapers in your niche. As you gain experience, you can respond to what you are reading and ask your readers for feedback. Over time, you will develop your ideas.

Now that summer is approaching. I plan to go to Martha’s Vineyard, one of my favorite places in the world. Imagine not driving to work daily but earning passive income from your blogs.

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