Pink Gaming Mouse for the Best Gaming Experience

Pink Gaming Mouse for the Best Gaming Experience

Our society usually associates a woman with pink colour but they should understand that pink can also be the favourite colour of men to abolish this mentality we have compiled a list of Best pink gaming Mouse for you. 

Colour coordination at up stars to PC and give it a great look and there is a large number of people who thinks that pink Mouse is the right option to complement their setup so keep reading to know about the best pink gaming Mouse available in the market.

Pink Gaming Mouse


It is a recommendation for you it is considered one of the best pink gaming Mouse having an ergonomic design which is perfectly suitable for the right-hand use and provides plenty of space for moving the wrist it comes with 3360 sensors along with a regulated report rate of 125 /500/ 1000 Hz for varying degree of responsiveness. 


It comes with  FPS game genre optimization and switches replacement capability. Its model sensor boost of 12000 DPI resolution and other significant specifications is speed which is up to 6.3 m/s acceleration of up to 50 gram and USB polling rate of 1000 Hz. 

Razer Basilisk 

Its body is like a boat with slight asymmetry. It has a dedicated key that mediates the resolution of the sensor for a while. It is a perfect pink model for FPS gaming enthusiasts due to the most up-to-date official sensor it also serves as a decent analogue to Razer lancehead. 

Cougar surpassing 

It is a significant feature including the response time of 1ms and the Long battery life of 20 years that guarantee you an uninterrupted gaming experience and let you connect the mouse through USB. It enables you to regulate DPI.  ( from 50 to 7200 in 50 DPI steps), you can also add a peculiar atmosphere to the game taking advantage of its 13 backlight modes. 

G – wolves skoll ace 

It comes with a unique urban comics honeycomb shirt design lightweight of 66g and an acceptable Matte Finish. G – wolves skoll has an ideal sensor 3360 that makes any movement of the hand on the desk as precise as possible particularly during playing time. 



We have tried to provide you with a list of the best pink gaming mice. We hope that after reading this article you will be able to find the best pink gaming Mouse for you.

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