Biography is the description of someone’s life and tells us about the hurdles and the twists and turns a person has faced in his/her life , so one  can get motivation, encouragement and influence. 

We tried to list top 10 celebrities’ biographies and will also tell you what makes them potent to be an influencers. 

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My love Story by Tina Turner 

 It is an open book which tells you how Tina Turner grew up in Tennessee and how she has glorified herself  and got fame.. 

How to be Champion by Sharah Millican 

This book is an open hearted book. While reading this book you will get wonderful advice on how to look at life and how to face challenges. 

So Much I want to tell you ; Letter to My little Sister by Anna Akana

Anna akana is known for her nature of being true to life. How to put on your face is one of her best YouTube videos, she talks about how much mental health is important. This whole book is a love letter to her beloved sister who get suicide at 13 year of age  . 

Becoming by Michelle Obama 

It is one of the best books ; Michelle Obama speaks about her time in white house, and how it felt to always be surrounded by the various security and how she  tried to make her  daughter live the most normal life.. 

Not my father’s son by Alan Cumming 

This biography depicts the relationship of Alan Cumming with his father, how he managed aggressive behavior and escaped out the cycle of abuse. 

Naturally Tan by Tan France 

The biography of tan France tell his story of how he experience growing in a Muslim family being a gay. 

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Karamo : The story of embracing purpose healing and hope by Karamo

This biography will tell you how he dealt with the emotional abuse, alcohol and drug addiction, being a social worker and a psychotherapist and a single father of two boys. 

My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor 

It is a honest story of the First latinx and the third woman appointed at the US Supreme Court in this she tells about her alcoholic father and how she decided to become a lawyer.

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